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Our Core Values


Reactive, available and always listening to customers and partners, we put the client at the beginning of all our process. The most important for us is the client satisfaction.


We quickly respond to and incorporate industry and technology changes in our approval processes. .

Team Work

The best solutions come from working together with both colleagues, clients and certifying bodies. Effective teamwork demands strong Relationships, Respect and Sharing.

Mutual Accountability

We promote transparency, respectfully holding ourselves and others accountable on our testing and approval processes.


We execute our projects successfully and efficiently. .

Why Choose Us ?

Customer Satisfaction

CUSTOMER satisfaction is our main goal . To achieve this, our operations include:

Strictly Time-Bound

We define a time-frame for processing quotes and technical requests


Keep secure and confidential any information and documents received from third party while processing an application.

Regular Updates

We are accustomed to sending regular status updates to the clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be the Type Approval holder: the importer, the distributor or the manufacturer?

The type-approval holder is the manufacture, seller, distributor, service provider, or operator. For the equipment that is not locally manufactured, which is the case most times, the distributor, operator, service provider, or seller of the manufacturer’s equipment is usually the type-approval holder.

What, if my company has no local presence in Morocco?
Is there any official label to stick on the equipment?

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For all Global Type Approval and Certification Services


Telecommunication Approval Services Maroc enjoys its reputation providing superior services in product certification in Morocco and more than 45 countries.Our philosophy is to provide efficient and timely approval services in accordance with the regulations and to the customer's requirements and satisfaction. 

Our Services

  • Type approval certification
  • Assessment about applicable approval requirements
  • Dealing with customs and Technical support
  • Preparation of technical document and approval forms
  • Dealing with local representative companies
  • Application package submission to Authorities

Latest News

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